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Artist Credit: Caroline Morin

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A Venture into the Intenet

“Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America.”

-John Lewis, Civil Riots Pioneer

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Where to Now?

With my eyes wide open, the world will never look the same. Dearest listener, it has been a tumultuous journey for this mockingbird. You may have noticed I was silent on WordPress for a while. This was not by accident. Rather, by an act of destiny. Or fate. Whatever word feels comfortable for you. If…

The Reckoning Will Not Cease Until Christianity Answers for it’s Sins

In America- there is a Christian house of Worship on nearly every street. We honor Jesus Christ every Sunday, while turning our back on His word every other day. It is impossible to ignore the brazen contradictions within Christianity after you become aware of them. Looking back throughout hundreds of thousands of years of human…

The Path Forward

We are witnessing the greatest transition to a new era of human life in the shortest time span of recorded human history. What lies ahead? “It’s always darkest before dawn.” A phrase you’ve likely heard many, many times before. But how often do we truly meditate on it’s meaning? Like all things in the universe,…


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