The Reckoning Will Not Cease Until Christianity Answers for it’s Sins

In America- there is a Christian house of Worship on nearly every street. We honor Jesus Christ every Sunday, while turning our back on His word every other day.

It is impossible to ignore the brazen contradictions within Christianity after you become aware of them. Looking back throughout hundreds of thousands of years of human history, one common theme emerges: universal interconnection. This includes ourselves. When we die, we become part of the Earth. Our bodies merge with the ground, giving new life to flowers, herbs, grass, and other plants which surround us. We continue to play a vital role in the universal ecosystem, even in death. Yet we spend our lives consumed with what happens outside of our bodies after death. Where does our consciousness go?

Matter cannot be created or destroyed. Dear listener, this includes microscopic matter which comprises energy itself. Our consciousness, although invisible to us, remains part to the universe before life and after death. This belief emerges not from myself, but from the beliefs of the closest humans which ascended from our brother in evolution- Tiktaalik. Much like the actions we express with our bodies require energy, our words and the impact of them carry energy along with them. Whether that energy is used to uplift others, or drag them down, is up to us. But as our ancestors warned us- be careful, for you reap what you sow.

Jesus Christ understood this fundamental concept throughout his time in a human body. He drew followers through his acts of generosity and adherence to altruism. In the face of destruction, his human body was mutilated while he remained unafraid. Jesus Christ understood something we could all do well to understand ourselves. That our energy determines our karma, whether we experience it’s natural reaction in this life or the next. Jesus died unafraid because He knew He was holy.

Within the stained-glass windows of many American’s churches, an energy resides which is inherently antithetic to the nature of Christ. Division, hatred, exclusion, wrath, and violence, all neatly wrapped up within even the decentralized cult of modern Christianity. Jesus Christ did not believe in evil, nor in Hell. Yet Christians who claim to praise only Christ and “His” God dangle this carrot over the heads of millions of followers. “Do as we say, do as we do, and you will be rewarded. Defy us, even in faith, and you will be damned.” Never did Christ utter such a harsh statement to his followers. Not even in His final moments.

Faith is intimate, warm, and all encompassing. At least, that’s what “faith” feels like to me. My unwavering belief in the powers which created the vast, unknown universe which surrounds us in a blanket of sky does not urge me to cast hate, shame, or any other form of trauma onto others. My faith envelops me like my mother once did when I was a child. Warmly, safely, and with genuine love. The understanding of this feeling, and how to bring it forward to others, was what made Christ so incredibly powerful.

Yet, it is not this Christ-like embodiment of “faith” which the Christian Church has ever sought to sow. As the law of the universe dictates, the hate they bring onto others finds them in an unending cycle today of child rape scandals, money laundering and fraud accusations, and centralized impunity at the highest levels. But where did all of this start? Surely, not all Christians choose to administer the same extreme levels of trauma and abuse that spawn from the Vatican.

Of course not. Of course there are good Christians, and bad Christians. Just as there are good humans, and bad humans. “Good” energy, “bad” energy. Yet, to acknowledge the vast possibility of “good” and “bad” within the organization allows us to overlook the organization itself. Christianity was founded on the belief that those persons who are called to a different path of faith will face eternal damnation of the soul. This principle by itself allows for a very different perspective when reading the modern New Testament.

The word of Christ has been manipulated, distorted, and even fabricated at times, all in an effort to ensure total fear-based compliance. You may be asking, “compliance with what?” To which I would answer- look for yourself. As homelessness in America is on the rise, humans who are forced to become nomadic sleep on the side of crowded highways while Churches lock their doors. Yet if we look even further into the past, an inextricable tie to violence, subjugation, fear-based submission and constant surveillance emerges like a great blue whale from the depths of the sea.

Perched inside closed rooms, portraits of Christ and of Angels are accompanied by the neutral energy of empty space. The sick and the poor are dying at the hand of our nation, one which claims to be founded on the principles of the Christian church. If that is Christianity- there is much to answer for. And that time will come, whether in this lifetime or another.

Renouncing my Christianity felt like ripping out a part of myself. But no longer can I align myself with an inherently exclusionary and trauma-inducing organization. This feels especially pertinent considering the new-age pattern of Christian leadership and organized crime. To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who may be reading this, I encourage you to critically re-evaluate your faith, and your impact on every sentient being around you.

One does not need to leave the Church to rectify their sins, but we must take ownership of them. We must strip bare the thin veil of philanthropy to see Christianity in its naked Truth. Then, we must renounce it. Correct it. Amend the path before us to ensure these ancient patterns of violence and subjugation are no longer allowed to perpetuate with impunity. Until we do, the Great Reckoning will never cease.

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