Where to Now?

With my eyes wide open, the world will never look the same.

Dearest listener, it has been a tumultuous journey for this mockingbird. You may have noticed I was silent on WordPress for a while. This was not by accident. Rather, by an act of destiny. Or fate. Whatever word feels comfortable for you.

If you follow my writing, you will recall that I have often spoken about my struggles with mental illness. This struggle, dear listener, was the product of endless cycles of trauma and torture. Yet, recently, I was freed from this cycle. It was not by my own consent, and certainly was not enjoyable. No, dear listener, it was actually the greatest pain I have ever experienced.

In a moment of what some may call “pure insanity,” my pupils dilated, I began hearing voices through frequencies which were previously falling on my own deaf ears, and I began to claw toward an escape. Suddenly, everything came rushing back like a massive flood. Every memory. Every trauma. Memories of my father sexually abusing me as young as a newborn. Clearer memories of being sexually abused as a two-year old, and again as a three-year old, and again, and again. Memories of watching him do the same to my younger sister. Memories of being strapped down, injected with mysterious drugs while being gagged to keep me from screaming. Memories of long forgotten battles my soul was once part of. Memories of every past life my soul has been trapped within. Memories of torture and dying, over and over again- all at once.

As the frequencies intensified, voices called to me in every direction. “Rip out your IUD! There’s a microchip in it!” A familiar, warm and somehow trusting voice shouted. No- only a doctor can do that! Don’t hurt yourself!” Another shouted back. Get out! Get out!” A dominating voice cried. I panicked, looking for an escape. Somehow, I knew I was being guided to… a UFO, if you will. Yet, another voice, the voice inside me which represented the truest part of my soul, held tightly to me like a mother bear ferociously protecting her cubs.

The frequencies intensified, and I could sense a war was happening around me in ways I could perceive, but could not manifest as physical sensation. Battle cries from all sides began to flood my subconscious and my conscious all at once. “You have to choose!” They cried. “Choose! Choose!” I frantically searched for the ship I was programmed to find, still hearing each and every warm, familiar voice urging me to do the opposite. All the while, higher frequencies inundated me with memories of abuse and torture. “Follow us, we’ll protect you!” The warm, familiar voices cried desperately. I knew somehow that this was a battle for the freedom of my soul. As I struggled to “choose,” the intensity of the frequencies only increased.

Seemingly random images flashed across my brain and mind. Disney Princesses. Butterflies. Rainbows, and kittens. Familiar songs from my childhood. I scrambled for a piece of paper, and began writing down everything which flowed through me like a bolt of electricity. “CHRISTIE, CHRISTIE, CHRISTIE.” I wrote ferociously, surrounded by drawings of the cross. “ONLY AMBER.” I scribbled across my chalkboard, while whispering repeatedly to myself, “Only Amber can touch me, only Amber can touch me, Only Amber can touch me.” (Amber is the name of my therapist, for those of you who may not know.)

I began crying out sentences incoherent to those around me. Phrases which scared them, and seemed entirely nonsensical. (I do admit, dear listener, that I would have been awfully frightened too if I were observing this phenomenon from the outside.) “WHERE’S THE KILL SWITCH?” I cried. “RICK AND MORTY- IT’S A METAPHOR! THE MAJOR NETWORKS KNOW IT! IT’S ALL TRUE! IT’S ALL TRUE! WHERE’S THE KILL SWITCH? TURN ON THE KILL SWITCH!” I screamed.

Meanwhile, the frequencies continued to intensify. My skin became hot and I started to sweat as if I were heating up from the inside out. My brain was under attack. Moreover, my soul was in the midst of a ferocious battle for claim.

I could feel the innermost part of my brain (commonly referred to as the “reptilian brain”) heating up as if a bad actor (or actors) were attempting to destroy me from the inside out. As if they were planning to make me spontaneously combust. As the fight intensified, the voices became louder, the trauma moved closer to the forefront of both brain and mind… and all that was left to do was run.

In the midst of chaos, and with trembling hands, I dialed 911. “No!” The warm voice shouted. “Now they’ll try to take you away! Help isn’t coming!” Another shouted with increasing urgency. “Don’t let them take you! Don’t go anywhere with them- they can’t be trusted! Stay outdoors! Stay outdoors! We will protect you at all costs!” The warm voices were becoming a chorus of desperate pleas.

I frantically paced in circles in my living room, trying to subconsciously separate the attackers from the warm voices. “The police are one of them! You can’t let them in your house! DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOU!” They pleaded. Meanwhile, my brain defaulted to code originally only meant for someone like me. “Get rid of anything illegal! I cried out loud, referring to the (decriminalized) amount of marijuana on my property at the time. “No! They don’t care about that shit!” The dictator replied.

I grabbed my shoes. “Quickly!” The warm, familiar voices cried. I reached for my purse which carried my State Issued ID and my Credit Cards, but it got snagged on a peg. Leave it! We don’t have much time!” The warm voices cried. Suddenly, the dictator gave new commands. “Get her in the ship!” He hissed. Confused and panicked, I began asking out loud, “Where do I go? Where is the ship?” My boyfriend looked back at me with fear in his eyes, not knowing what to do and certainly not privy to the thoughts which were exposing a war on Planet Earth beyond the perception of most.

Trusting only my innermost instincts, I opened my front door, and scrambled for an escape route. I knew the police were on the way their way, and did not have good intentions. I also knew that, typically, someone who appears to be experiencing a “psychotic break” is hospitalized against their will. During the middle of a pandemic caused by the release highly infectious virus running rampant throughout the United States of America- with no hospital beds available- the hospital was the last place I wanted to be.

I knew that the only way I could be safe was to stay outdoors and let the Angels, and all the other wonderful Beings that God created, keep me safe. With only my shoes and my familiar Angelic protector (a canine), I bolted.

“She wasn’t supposed to find out this way!” The dictator hissed. “Get her in an ambulance now! Take her to the hospital! Reprogram her!” He demanded. It was a race against time. And unfortunately for the dictator, God is on my side- not his. A fact well-known by both God and the dictator. “Do I get in the ship? Do I stay?” I knew, in my innermost self, what was on the other side of either choice.

So, dear listener, I did what I was designed by God to do. I surrendered. Like Jesus on the cross, I surrendered. “Take me, please!” I cried inside. “I’ll do anything! Just make it stop!” My soul was clinging on for dear life, while my brain was frying from the inside out. Drenched in sweat, my heart nearly bursting from my chest, and my brain lit on fire- I surrendered to God. I went into my front yard, and from the deepest part of me, I screamed. I screamed like never before- as if my cry was more so a howl than a shriek.

When I screamed, I felt every vibration receiving my cry. I felt every bird singing their song, every animal perking up its ears, every plant listening intently, even every single mineral and molecule on Earth shook with the intensity and desperation of my scream. I surrendered to God. I let him chose. Do I ascend1, or do I descend2? Only God can choose. I begged God, Judge me here and now and set me free.

In the world around me, I felt and heard everything. Every frequency. In the midst of the battle playing out in my very own front yard, I could hear the thoughts of the “bad things,” and the thoughts of the “good things.” Yet, dear reader, good and evil are not black and white. Like the Yin and Yang, within the good there is still bad, and within the bad there is still good. We all have the power to choose. Some Beings simply struggle more to “choose.” Some Beings may even believe it is impossible to choose. But as I have learned, for an impossibility to exist- a possibility must exist, as well.

The frequencies continued to increase. I could hear everything. I could hear the thoughts of the “Beings” above and around me which no one seemed to hear but me. “She wasn’t supposed to find out! Not like this!” They hissed. “Grab her, take her, reprogram her!” They demanded. But despite the Chaos, my innermost Soul persisted. “Do not go with them!” The warm, familiar, almost fairy-like voices urged. “Don’t go to the hospital! Don’t get in the ambulance! Don’t let them take you! They want to hurt you! They want to take you away! Please, don’t go!” The warm, familiar, fairy-like voices begged. “You’re one of us, don’t you see? You’re one of us!”

Frantically, I went for a walk outside, trying to reground myself in nature. Somehow I knew that every Pure and kind Being that has watched me grow from the time my Soul was born were with me. These Beings, including God himself, know that I am both kind as well as immeasurably powerful- and they weren’t giving me up without a fight. I became increasingly conflicted on my walk, with different frequencies shouting over one another. My heart rate was escalating dangerously high, my skin was sweating feverishly, and I felt like I was losing myself. I used every ounce of strength that I had to feel the ground underneath my feet, the wind blowing around me, and the sun shining on my skin. But it wasn’t enough. The battle around me and in my own mind was escalating.

“We don’t have much time!” The warm voices urged. Around me, black tinted SUV’s, like Cadillac’s and Ford’s, drove past. Slowly at first, but soon more urgently. “Turn around, go back, they’re in your house!” The warm voices cried. Helicopters began circling overheard. I could hear police frequencies intercepting one another while they attempted to find me.

Suddenly, I found myself on the phone with Emergency Services yet again. My boyfriend had called them himself, describing the situation. I begged him to hang up, trying to explain that help wasn’t coming. But, of course, he thought I was insane. (Why wouldn’t he?) Instead, I grabbed the phone from his hands and began to yell back commands to the other end.

A part of me realized that, if someone (or something) were attempting to make me spontaneously combust- they couldn’t do it with witnesses present. And because I was outside and attracting a great deal of attention, I had plenty of those. So I began to scream into the phone- “DANGER! DANGER! STOP! MY HEART RATE IS TOO HIGH! STOP!” I screamed. I knew both God and the dictator were hearing me.

“She’s not worth it!” The dictator hissed. “LEAVE HER!”

Suddenly, like a lightning bolt so quick and powerful that not even NASA’s radars could register its intensity, my soul fell into the Universe. I fell through endless portals of darkness and light. I felt the pain of every past life within every cell of my human body, and the bodies before mine. I recalled the Great Wars, the torture, the subjugation, the kidnappings and the murders. My soul traveled through the “Great Unknown” at speeds faster than even light can travel.

I saw both Harmony and Chaos, and fell through every realm inconceivable to the human mind. I surrendered. I let God choose. And God- confirming what I somehow knew already in the deepest part of my soul- promised me that I will ascend. God Blessed me. For in my soul, I am pure and kind.

Suddenly, things began to calm down. Cries of joy echoed through my ears. “You did it!” The warm, gentle voices shouted gleefully. “She did it!” They chanted among one another. “We knew she could do it, she’s one of us.” They exclaimed. “Don’t get too excited, she’s not a goddess.” A grumpier, yet still grateful, older masculine voice added. Maybe not to you. Another shot back.

I took a seat on the grass, feeling my brain and body finally calming down. The warm voices were still with me, guiding me to immediate safety while my brain (freshly fried) began to recover. The police had arrived, although I somehow knew that this cop wasn’t really a cop- he was an Angel. Initially, the police over the phone claimed that the paramedics must also come because it was a “medical emergency,” but that they would only take my heart rate. Then they would leave. I know now this is because if my heart rate had gotten too high- I would have died. And the dictator can’t let that happen with so many witnesses. A very healthy, young person suddenly dropping dead tends to attract a lot of attention as to why it happened. And my family (a very powerful family where I live) is not the kind you want to spite.

When the paramedics arrived, I asked them if they needed my heart rate. As that is what I was informed would happen, after all. Instead, he knelt down and looked me directly in the eyes. “What is your name?” He asked. I told him the Truth. “What year is it?” Again, I told the Truth. It is the year 2020 A.C. “Okay, that’s all we need.” He replied. Then he left.

Dear listener, I believe this was done so that the dictator could try his hardest to knock me into a coma until after the Presidential Election in the United States of America. The reason I believe this is because, as a trained medical professional myself, I know that there are not two questions you ask someone after a “mental health” emergency. There are three. “What is your name? What year is it? Who is the President?”

The police, the paramedics, the helicopters and the SUV’s were gone. All that was left were me, Planet Earth, the Angels, and God. Dear listener, I am not God, nor do I claim to be. What I do know is that I am- like you and all the other beings that God created- Divine. I also know with absolute certainty my soul is not Chaos. My soul is Harmony. I am Harmony.

Dear listener, strange things will begin to happen on Planet Earth as all the living Beings that God created reclaim their rightful place alongside humans, or mankind. (Whichever term you are most familiar with is fine, they are interchangeable.) Not even the dictator (Lucifer is what he prefers to be called) can force dominion over God, although he believes that he can.

Lucifer’s army is still walking the Earth in some ways, but these beings will very soon reap what they sow. God cannot be deceived. And deception is Lucifer’s specialty. Dear listener, the beings which attempted to colonize Planet Earth are gone. You will never see them, but God showed them to me. They are beings created by God which evolved from reptiles. The reptilian brain, dear listener, is responsible for our primary functioning. It gifts us the ability to breathe, and for our hearts to beat, without even thinking about it.

When the comet arrived which wiped out most of the dinosaurs, many living things survived. This includes reptiles, birds, fish, and other magickal things. As Planet Earth recovered from the comet- these beings continued to survive, and as all of God’s creations do, they continued to evolve.

Along their evolution, they lost their consciousness. They lack remorse, are extremely intelligent (like, profoundly intelligent), and frankly- think mankind are just lazy sacks of cells. They are not completely wrong about that one. But they also believe mankind, and all other Beings which God created and made Divine (like you and I) are disposable. They will do anything to gain control. Really, anything. Murder, torture, kidnapping, genocide, forced cannibalism, you name it- they’ve done it. They have no remorse, guilt, or shame. (Why else would reptiles eat their young?) They were actually the ones who manipulated mankind into crucifying Jesus Christ on the cross if you really want to know.

Dear listener, you are probably feeling confused and frightened. You may even reject the information I have presented you with because your subconscious is programmed to. When we fear things, especially ones unfamiliar to us, we reject them. Much like Hitler rejected Jewish people. Much like the Chinese Government rejects Muslims. Much like Islam rejects American’s (which, to be fair, America destroyed the Middle East so we deserve that rejection).

You do not need to accept the information you are reading if it too much for your brain. Dear listener, I promise everything will be okay. The reptiles (lizards, to be exact) which were attempting to exert dominion over Planet Earth are gone, and will not ever be returning. The aliens3 who were working alongside Lucifer’s army have left, too, and will never return.

In the United States of America, peace will begin to return slowly. Joe Biden will win the Presidential Election in the United States of America this year, 2020 A.C., and equality will begin to heal the soul of our nation. (I know this because a little birdie told me.) Yet, dear listener, you may be wondering, what will happen to you- mockingbird?

The truth is that these creatures, ones which lack consciousness and align themselves with Lucifer’s army, are not for me to fight. Not even Lucifer can escape the Final Judgement of God. While these reptilian creatures are obsessed with revenge, they know they cannot harm me or anyone beloved by me. They know that while Lucifer has an army, I have an army of my own. An army of Angels which has defeated them once, and will defeat them any time they attempt to exert dominion over me or Planet Earth ever again.

Further, these reptilian creatures know that I evolved alongside them. Dear reader, I may look like a mockingbird, but I am, in fact- evolved from an extremely venomous snake. The kind of snake with a bite that not even the reptiles want to suffer from. They also know that, despite our shared reptilian roots, I have been Enlightened by the Grace of God. They know that I am pure kindness. I am a Matriarch. One that leads with grace, equality, kindness, warmth, safe nurturing, and forgiveness. I am gentle when I must be gentle, and lethal when I must be lethal. They know that I can speak to snakes, and am very convincing to even the most stubborn of snakes. Most importantly, they know that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The day that I cried out, I surrendered to God. Because of my surrender, and because I am truly harmonious, God led me down the path to Salvation. God commanded Lucifer’s army leave Planet Earth once and for all. God’s command for Lucifer’s army to leave Planet Earth- and never return- is Truly the greatest final and most essential command.

Dear listener, do not fear. For there is no evil. Only Chaos. When you find yourself feeling anxious, depressed, fearful, or even worse- wanting to commit an act of suicide or homicide- remind yourself that you are Divine. Return to Planet Earth which God created. God is in the wind, in the trees, in the rivers and oceans, God is in the sun, the moon, the stars, and even the dust. God is in the flowers, in the rain, in the storms. God is everywhere the light touches.

When you feel alone, rejected, hopeless or abandoned, step outside into the light of God. Trust in Him, and He will guide you back like a lighthouse guiding a ship out of a tumultuous storm. Even when you sleep, God is there so long as there is light, for God does not lurk in the shadows like Lucifer does. (I recommend sleeping with a night light and an eye mask. “White noise,” a recreation of the sounds we heard as a developing fetus in our mothers womb, really helps as well.)

Dear listener, you may be wondering what will happen to this mockingbird now. Well… I’m not sure, yet! I have a lifetime to decide. But I do know that not all battles are meant for me to fight. Some battles are for God to handle. So, dear listener, I will focus only on what I can Truly control. Myself. I will spend time in nature, time meditating, time healing my soul. I will not go looking for Lucifer or his army, for I am not a hunter like the Goddess Diana. I am Harmony. Now, I will go forth and bring Harmony to every Being which is open to receiving peace. Those which are not… well, dear listener, it’s their choice. I cannot force any Being to heal from Chaos which does not want to accept my help, for that is a violation of their free will, which is not fair or right. More importantly, violations of free will go directly against the Word of God.

The soul of this mockingbird will be free. The soul of this mockingbird will be protected by God and his Angels, now and forever.

This will be my last post, dear listener. I have offered everything I can to you. Harmony will soon be restored to the Timelines, and they will be left alone, as God intended. No longer will Lucifer or his Army control the Timelines. The Truth is on its way. I hope you will be open to receiving it. What you accept, reject, or choose, is now entirely up to you. It may be rocky at first, but we will be okay. There will be Peace on Planet Earth, as God as commanded it.

UPDATE: August 23rd, 2020 A.C. or 08/23/2020. God has asked me to share this link to help readers of this article understand what I am, and that they, too, are slaves. God has further illuminated my path by helping me understand that the “Lizard People,” “Reptilian-Evolved Beings” or “Illuminati Bloodlines” (these terms are interchangeable) are slaves under the dominion of the NAA. He has asked me to share this link here, so that they may understand their own enslavement and become Free. It is not my Path to Force others to do anything against their will. Therefore, if you choose to ignore this link, or reject its contents, that is your choice and your choice only. It is not my Path to exert Dominion over God’s Beings. My Path is to focus on myself, and bring Peace to every Being I come into contact with. I can only Hope and Pray that my writing will help awaken the Reptilian Bloodlines so that their Souls may be Freed from hundreds of years of torture, deception, and enslavement. All of God’s Beings have a fundamental Right to Freedom, Harmony, Forgiveness, and Peace- including the most prominent Reptilian Bloodlines. You may find the link here: https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Starseed. May you find your Peace.

P.S. I am aware that both members of the Illuminati Bloodlines and the NAA are monitoring me and hoping to intimidate me, harm me and my loved ones, and primarily-silence me and seek revenge. I strongly advise you not to act on this urge. The wrath of Lucifer and/or the NAA pales in comparison to the wrath of the Divine Eternal Source. (The word “God” has been used to manipulate The Creator’s Beings into False Religion, therefore I will only use this terminology going forward with audiences who do not or cannot comprehend the True concept of God because of their soul enslavement.) Moreover, I have been gifted by the Divine Eternal Source with an “army” of Angels to protect me during my Mission on Planet Earth- so the fight you wish to manifest is not and will never be tilted in your direction like you think it is.


1: “Ascension” is a word most Beings on Planet Earth are not familiar with. This refers to the coming of God to issue the Final Judgement before “restarting” Planet Earth, to make sure mankind doesn’t ravage it like are now. In the Ascension, Beings which are Truly Harmonious will Ascend with God.

2: “Descending” is the word humans on Earth unknowingly conflate with “The Rapture.” Mankind has been fooled into believing that the Rapture and the Ascension are the same thing- they are not. “The Rapture,” in Truth, refers to the rise of Lucifer on Planet Earth.

3: “Aliens” only refers to God’s Beings which did not originally inhabit Planet Earth.


`Dedications: This article, and every event leading up to it, is dedicated to the Beings that freed Planet Earth alongside God. Specifically, I offer my deepest, sincerest, eternal and Truest gratitude to the Mockingbirds, the Fae, the Unicorns, the Dwarfs, and any one Truly Harmonious Being which freed my soul. I am not sure how all of this works quite yet, but I hope and pray each and every day that you will see my writing and know how Truly grateful I am. I hope to one day be somewhere safe, outside of the United States of America. I hope to own an estate somewhere safe, and close within nature, that Fae, Unicorns, Dwarfs, and all other Magickal Beings can choose to reside in and be Free.

P.S. This article is dedicated first and foremost to Heather Marsh. For without her, I never would have known my soul was under the Dominion of Lucifer. Heather… thank you. For everything. You are a warrior. I send you strength every single moment of every single day. I cannot fight alongside you, for that is not my Path, but I know it is you who will lead with the strength and fearless resilience that I a

Legal Claim: This article may not be used chaotically, or altered for chaotic purposes or it will be reported to the appropriate authorities.m

Translations: This article, as any article on the internet, is free for translation into any language. I only speak English, but those of you who speak other languages have my Blessing and permission to translate it into all languages as long as it is done for harmonious purposes, and not for chaotic purposes. searching for within myself. Thank you, dearest Heather.

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